ELEVATION.  el·e·va·tion

The dictionary of Kaz describes Elevation like this:


  • An emotional state experienced when witnessing incredible acts of greatness.
  • The act of rising up.
  • The process of becoming the highest and greatest version of yourself.

I, Kaz, hereby declare that THIS is what my soul is truly ready for.  ELEVATION. 

I also know that somewhere out there on this beautiful planet we call home, are ten other folk who are ready, too. My Soul Group. And together, we shall create The ELEVATION Soul Sanctuary. 

This is a conversation recorded from a Facebook Live on 3rd August, where Lise and I discuss The ELEVATION Soul Sanctuary… 

The ELEVATION Soul Sanctuary


What is it? 

An intimate, exclusive collective of conscious folk who are truly ready for change in some or all aspects of their life.  A maximum of eleven souls who come together, and be their own experiment for a FULL YEAR.

We start off with a deep dive, week long Soul Sanctuary in Skipton, Yorkshire on 16th September. This is where we establish the foundations for the peer mentor group. 

We then return back to our everyday lives as our new elevated selves on September 23rd, but the Sanctuary we create doesn’t end there. After spending a week in person, we commit to connecting online once a month, and to support, motivate, and help elevate each other until September 2023.


How much does it cost? 

Yes, this sounds like something you’d love, but how much is it? Should you even bother reading the rest? 

I’ll save you scrolling to the bottom. 

It’s £888. That’s for the whole year, including the week long event.


I’ve been to events, and on retreats before, what makes this one different? 

Let me ask you this.  When you returned from the event, changed in some way, did you manage to hold onto that inspiration and motivation for an extended period of time, once you returned home? If the answer is ‘not as much as I would have like to’, then it’s likely that when you returned to your everyday environment, surrounded by people who represent the familiarity of the OLD thoughts, ideas, beliefs and behaviours of the person you were BEFORE the event, you defaulted to the OLD PROGRAMMING.  

The difference is this: you are subscribing to participate in a year long program that will continue to keep you remembering to choose differently, to act differently, consistently. 

For a full year, we will all be supporting each other to take action on our own behalf. You won’t be in it alone. You will always have your Soul Tribe to realign with frequently. 

Whatever changes need to occur in your life, career, relationships, health, confidence, or otherwise, you’ll make them individually.. but TOGETHER. 

Days until our week long soul sanctuary










  • A full week dedicated to soul work – with the perfect balance of work, rest and play
  • Re-aligning the energy centres / chakras
  • Delicious, nutritious, Ayurvedic inspired food for the mind, body, and soul, with a booklet of recipes so you can continue to nourish yourself at home
  • An incredible venue, uniquely designed to support the process of moving from survive to THRIVE
  • Thought provoking workshops that support you to create your own changes


  • To your truth, and your heart
  • To the Earth and all that is
  • To your loving, conscious clan
  • With natural cycles
  • With your body, mind, and soul
  • The dots between your life experiences and where you are now, and the potential of where you’re going to be



  • Cultivate daily joy, motivation, and a love for life
  • Take inspired action
  • Balance – develop a routine that works for YOU, to support you in everyday life
  • With plenty of play time, gift yourself the freedom to get into your creative flow process
  • Get your craft on!
  • Healthy meals and recipes


  • Be your own hero – overcome yourself, held in the safe, sacred soul sanctuary
  • Let your soul soar.  There is no competition, just a community who work in co-operation with you, and support you fully as you transcend the limitations you perceive.
  • For a full year, be your own experiment. It’s easier to stay in the vibration of ease and ascention when you are surrounded by others ready to catch you when your energy dips.
  • Elevate your expectations and perceptions around trust – the people who are in this tribe work only from a place of love. 



Is the “Elevation Soul Sanctuary” a good fit? Does this sound like you?

  • You like to serve from the heart. You’re one of life’s givers and ‘do-ers’.
  • You have an open heart, and an open mind.
  • You act with integrity, and have the ability to be honest with yourself.
  • You have little time for ego, and have a great bullshit detector.
  • You are willing to take risks, you have a growth mindset, and are motivated to create a life that inspires. You’re not afraid to dip your toe a little outside of your comfort zone.. and sometimes jump fully outside of it with both feet. Especially when you know others have your back and are cheering you on fully.
  • You’re appreciative, supportive and compassionate.
  • You are aware that there are infinite potentials and possibilities. You celebrate the success of others, and rather than judge or play victim, asking how come life is happening for THEM, you are instead motivated to explore your own
  • You are SO ready to step into a life you love, to live with ease, joy, happiness, awe and wonder. You long to be in a state of creation and flow, in harmony with natural order.
  • You have little time for fear and negativity, and choose to connect more with a positive, uplifting, and higher-vibe tribe.
  • You crave a supportive collective of folk, truly committed to creating lasting change and being the example. Folk who encourage you, acknowledge you, and cheer you on.
  • You know you have the skills, passion and potential to live the life you desire, but for whatever reason (lack of consistency, self-limiting beliefs, lack of support, external pressures, expectations) you can’t seem to keep the momentum going.
  • You get a buzz out of witnessing great acts of love and kindness, and seeing others happy.
  • You often ‘do the work’, are interested and intrigued by new sciences, and know that a week-long soul sanctuary that allows you to make connections (in knowledge and understanding, with others, and to your true essence) would hugely benefit you, giving you clarity to move forward.
  • You are willing to be your own experiment for a full year, to step into greatness, to take consistent action on your own behalf, in harmony with natural cycles, and to keep overcoming your old self (your habits, behaviours and beliefs), time and time again.
  • You’ve hit that point in life. You are READY to change!


What are you committing to?

  • A year long program that enables you to ELEVATE your life, in any and all aspects and areas you choose.
  • A week-long, in person, soul sanctuary in September.
  • A monthly online call. Eleven sessions with focus, time for catch up and connection, and ideas and inspiration to keep you on track, working with seasons and cycles, and keeping you in the flow.
  • Being part of a living experiment on the power of collective consciousness, intentional practices, surrender, and shared wisdom.
  • Allowing and accepting energetic abundance to penetrate your body, mind and soul.

What will the ELEVATION Soul Sanctuary entail?

  • On 16th September 2022, we step right into our safe, sacred sanctuary that nurtures us right to the soul.
  • Our home for the week is an amazing and beautiful space, surrounded by nature, that allows us to deeply relax, reset, and recharge.
  • Over the course of the week, we work through the major energy centres of the body on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic level.
  • Each day, we remove barriers, set intentions, create, and move through the day as our true selves.
  • We begin to reset our circadian rhythm, and develop routines that ensure we work in tune with natural cycles. Working smarter, not harder, and all that jazz!
  • Using Ayurvedic inspired wisdom, we sleep, eat, move, and live in a way that supports our highest potential.
  • Morning movement, meditation and intention setting.
  • An inspirational, thought-provoking program of workshops that allows us the time and space to sift through all that stuff that holds energetic weight, so we can gain clarity and focus.
  • Discover, prepare, and eat delicious, nutritious Ayurvedic inspired food, and how Ayurveda can support your state of wellness.
  • Creation time – getting into the creative flow, whether it’s a collaboration with others, or a personal practice, time to create is built into each day.
  • Rejuvenation time – time to just ‘be’. Go for a nap in your grounding, Earthing bed, sit outside in nature and read a book. There’s time for thinking, time for doing and time for being.. in perfect balance.
  • Walks in the surrounding areas, go for a pub lunch.
  • Inspirational talk with Gina Lazenby. Gina uses a range of skills to support you in life transitions, and tips for creating both a healthy home/workspace, and one with good Feng Shui flow.  Discover ways to find more energy, peace or creativity in the space that you have, so that you can carry on the sense of inner peace and tranquillity when you return to everyday life.
  • Autumn Equinox ceremony on Thursday night – think fire pit, celebration, releasing all of the ‘yang’ energy of Summer, and surrendering into trust, letting go of the old self, ready to wake on Friday 23rd, ready to return home as the upgraded version of yourself.
  • An understanding of how to apply Ayurvedic principles to support optimal health, connection to nature and self, and to help achieve a better work, life, play balance.

What will I be required to do for the year that follows the retreat?

Often, people return from events and retreats feeling changed in some way, inspired, motivated by life, and more like their true selves.

However, what tends to happen, is that once you return to your familiar environment, surrounded by familiar people, places, events and scenarios, they take you right back to the old way of being, the old programs and behaviours. You start to fall back into the old ways of thinking and feeling and lose the magic.

What is different about this Soul Sanctuary group, is that the peer mentor group continues. You will leave the week-long sanctuary armed with reminders you can use to re-align, a guide for working with and harnessing the power of nature and its rhythms, and a recipe book so you can re-create (and create your own variation) of the stuff your body needs.

What that means, is that you will have a clear guide to focus your year ahead. There will be periods for rest and reflection, and periods for action and engagement throughout the daily, monthly and yearly rhythms.

What it also means, is that using the power of intention, and our collective consciousness, you move forward to the power of ten. You have ten other people, all manifesting the best outcomes for you. The Elevation effect means that when we help others to rise, we also rise. The vibration and frequency we are at is more likely to stay high, because we are interconnected, and consistently strive for greatness.

You will leave on 23rd September with a focus to take you through to the end of October, where we meet online to connect, reflect, inspire and ease into the next month’s focus. And so it continues, we’re interlinked, all with our own goals in different areas an aspects, but all ‘elevating’, all rising together.

Other than an hour or two every month, there is nothing else for you to find time for, nothing to add to your already busy lives (other than whatever you wish to create time for!).

There will be the opportunity to start paying a monthly subscription in September, so that this continues year after year.

I am so excited to see what we can achieve in a year this way. Are you in?


Who am I? What’s my story? Why am I setting up this collective and Soul Space with ten other people?

My name is Kaz, and in a nutshell, my story is that I have worked on myself and on every aspect my life for years. I have invested a lot of energy, time (and of course money) learning, un-learning, re-learning, experimenting, implementing, and most of all understanding the nature of what it means to be human.

Intrigued by the new sciences that help to explain the body-mind-soul connection, I have personally experienced, and witnessed, what some would call ‘miracles’. I truly believe that we are unlimited beings, with infinite potentials available to us, if only we choose to overcome our familiar selves.

My background in working with children, families, and educators helped me to discover a universal truth – the ‘programs’ we run determine the outcomes of our lives.  Our interactions with people, places, ideas, situations and tribal beliefs can affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

And so began the process of becoming aware of, and familiar with, how I personally was showing up in the world, how my body responded to the thoughts, feelings and actions I took (or didn’t), and the impact it had on my life. I have made LOTS of ‘mistakes’ in my life so far, and will continue to do so. I have fully embraced this human experience, and like many people, I have been given the opportunity to experience illness, betrayal, hardship, depression, and all the other challenges life throws at you.

Once I stopped being a victim to the programming and challenges, and choosing to become the person I want to be (still a work in progress), then it led me on an adventure and surrender into the unknown. Once I started showing up FOR MYSELF, I discovered some seriously mind-blowing stuff. I took courses, went on immersive retreats, and learned from some of the most incredible people on Earth. People with no agenda, other than to be love, and remind others of the potential and power they hold.

I embraced the teachings of Dr. David Hamilton, Dr. Lori Leyden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Lynne McTaggart, Dr. David Hawkins, Caroline Myss, and many others. I study new sciences, and modern Ayurveda. I pass this wisdom on in my own unique way, and have worked with people one to one, and hosted workshops, training and retreats.  People have made HUGE changes in their lives with my support.

People have become their own hero, made their own connections, and continued on their own learning path, motivated and inspired to live life in the way it’s meant to be lived. Folk have empowered themselves, and choose to step away from the dysfunctional society and programming that champions stress, pharmaceuticals, and a never-ending cycle of lack mentality. They step away from the notion that we need to be ‘more’, and start reconnecting with the joys in life. The creativity starts to flow. The weight starts to lift. They feel more abundant, more connected, more alive.

All of that is easier when you’re surrounded by like-minded people. What I have found over the years, is that it is easy for people to slip back into the familiar.. even though that was being unhappy, unhealthy, and completely out of balance. So people have come on retreats, and after a couple of months, they’re desperate for the next one, because they connect with the true essence of their being. They are free to BE.

My inspiration for The Elevation Soul Sanctuary, is born from a curiosity to see what will happen if a small group of people, interconnected, but each with their own aspirations, choose to elevate their emotions for a year.

  • What will happen if they are consistent with their greatness?
  • What will happen when an unconditionally loving community is formed, and the power of intention amplifies the connection to the potential?
  • When we witness the greatness that each of us are, will the emotion of ELEVATION intensify the vortex of creation?
  • Will outcomes manifest into being quicker than going it alone?

Throughout my life so far, and in my learning, applying and understanding, I have become my own experiment. I go deep, I go all in, and I see what effect it has. I intend to find out what happens when there are ten other people, all ready, all committed to growth, evolution, to being the example of love and community working together for 12 months.

I have a deep knowing that it’s going to be magical. I know it’ll push me to walk my talk, to step further out of the known and to trust in the unknown.

I know that the tools and strategies I share during the week long, and beyond, will help people to become unstuck. To find momentum and joy in life again. To move forward fearlessly, knowing that we are truly held.  Whatever that means to them, whatever they’re working on personally.

Want to improve your health? Your career? Your relationships? Your home life? Your confidence? Whatever it is, our collective will support you to achieve your goal. We’ll embrace this adventure, we will connect. We’ll create. We shall elevate.

What’s your story?

It’s time to write the next chapter.. 

Are you one of the Elevation Eleven?

Our home for the week is The Healthy Home, Skipton


A purposefully designed, and impeccably considered venue, in the heart of the countryside.  All spaces and rooms have been designed and lovingly furnished by Gina Lazenby, Feng Shui expert, and author of The Healthy Home, and The Feng Shui House Book.

With a focus on living and sleeping well to thrive, this home offers a safe haven in which to connect, create, and elevate.

Think grounding, earthing beds, cosy and calm spaces, fire circles outside… a week long, huge energetic hug that allows opportunity and optimal life force to flow.

I mean, just LOOK at it in the video below… wow!

Frequently Asked Questions/Concerns

I will  Yobas, for  b the  

 in “I don’t know anyone who would come with me – I’m worried I will feel like an outsider.”


It’s perfectly natural to feel a bit wobbly about this, but I assure you, those who return to these retreats do so because the environment created is so welcoming and nurturing, you fit right in so much that you can’t help but be anything but your authentic self.

At most, you will be sharing a twin bedroom with only one other person, and there is plenty of space indoors and outdoors for any alone time should you feel all ‘peopled out’.

“I am worried about travelling by myself”

Get in touch! Lets see if we can work out a way around that..

“Are there any payment options?”

Yes, up until the 23rd June 2022, you can pay 3 monthly instalments of £296. One payment in full is £888. Please note there is a £296 non refundable deposit, should you need to cancel up to 4 weeks before.  After that, full payment is retained, no matter the reason, as it’s unlikely to fill that space at such short notice. You may want to consider taking out suitable travel insurance if this is a concern for you.

“I have specific dietary or other requirements, am I still welcome?”

Of course, if I can accommodate you, I will! If you’re really concerned about dietary needs, you can always bring your own food, although no discount or refund can be offered for this. Please get in touch to discuss any concerns at all.

“Do I have to participate in the workshops? What will be required of me?”

As with anything in life, you get out what you put in.  It is highly recommended to get the most out of your week, you really embrace the ‘soul sanctuary’ experience, by participating in the daily practices.  This is, after all, about overcoming the old self and becoming more aligned with your greatness.  That might take a little effort, but it shouldn’t be too taxing.

Often, gifting ourselves the time for dedicated reflection and creation is extremely beneficial to our lives, and means you leave with clarity, purpose and vision for the year ahead.

“Am I allowed to drink alcohol?”

You’re an adult, nothing is forbidden, but it may be a nice experience to embrace the start of your Autumn detox, and the immersive week, with a clear head.  What I’m basically saying is, this isn’t a boozy week away. The aim is to feel high on life.






A week in The Healthy Home, Skipton.  Think peace, harmony, grounding beds, beautiful spaces inside and out.


Most meals are included, except for pub lunch. Meals will be freshly prepared, truly nourishing, and you’ll get a recipe book to take home, too.



A full week immersive soul sanctuary in Skipton, and 11 monthly calls with focused teaching and support.


Working with the seasons and natural cycles, a focus and ideas to help you stay in flow, taking inspired action on your own behalf



Are you one of the Elevation Eleven?

Want to chat?

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