Hello, I’m Kaz

I’m a down to Earth Geordie lass with a huge open heart, and an intuitive, curious mind.

I help people to reclaim their power, so they become the person they always dreamed they would be.  For those who are truly ready to transform their lives, I have tons of love, knowledge, and powerful, supportive tools and strategies to share with you. I am an intuitive cheerleader, encouraging you every step of the way as you create, and live, a life of abundance in health, joy, and authentic happiness.  Imagine the freedom and grace that comes with having the confidence to truly embrace being YOU? If you’re ready for change, I’m here to support that process.

A life-long student of energy psychology, neuroscience, emotional wellbeing and resilience, universal laws, quantum physics, ancient wisdom, and all things mystical and magical, I have helped many people to find inner peace and harmony in this crazy world.

I truly walk my talk and fully embrace my human-ness.  I have completely transformed my own life and healed in so many ways. I’m a real woman, I have faced real challenges, and continue to do so. I keep overcoming myself, and now get to choose how I spend my life, and do so confidently. I feel ‘free to be me’, and really am living my purpose – building community and helping create a world where we all realise our potential.  I no longer keep myself small. I create and sustain habits that ensure each and every day, I am becoming more of my authentic self. I’m exactly who I’m meant to be.  

With a blend of in-person and remote services, retreats, and workshops/courses, (plus a lovely online holistic shop) I want to help you to create the ‘you’, you came here to be. Book yourself a free 20 minute cuppa and connection session to see if we fit. I look forward to seeing you! 

Love, Kaz

What I Do

This is a small selection of the work I do. For the full list,  visit my services page. Or, book a free cuppa and connect session,  here.

Intuitive Card Reading

I use Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards as a tool to intuitively channel support and guidance for you.

Card readings can be by video or by email.

Quantum Energy Healing

Energy healing session using coherent, pure loving intelligence from the quantum field. A willingness to upgrade your mind, body and soul from 3d to 5d is required, as we work on enabling restoration of your divine energetic blueprint to its optimum state. 


PSYCHK is a form of energy psychology. It uses easy, proven, and pain-free techniques to get your mind in a Whole-Brain state. This “super learning” state synchronizes both brain hemispheres to allow you to reprogram NEW Beliefs into your subconscious.



One to one video session which will be tailored to suit on the day. I listen without judgement, offering tools, strategies and encouragements to empower you to move forward no matter what you feel is holding you back.


Seichem (pronounced say-keem) literally translates as “All Love”.  In this healing modality, as well as Reiki (Earth) energy, Fire, Water and Air elemental energy are used to promote healing in the physical body and throughout the aura, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. 

Free Cuppa and Connect

Ever wondered what I can do for you?

Want to connect over a cuppa on video message or phone and see how I can help you?

Just book in – I look forward to chatting with you soon. 🙂