About Me

I’m a down to Earth Geordie lass with a huge open heart, and an intuitive, curious mind.

I help people to reclaim their power, so they become the person they always dreamed they would be.  For those who are truly ready to transform their lives, I have tons of love, knowledge, and powerful, supportive tools and strategies to share with you. I am an intuitive cheerleader, encouraging you every step of the way as you create, and live, a life of abundance in health, joy, and authentic happiness.  Imagine the freedom and grace that comes with having the confidence to truly embrace the beingness of YOU?

A life-long student of energy psychology, neuroscience, emotional wellbeing and resilience, universal laws, quantum physics, ancient wisdom, and all things mystical and magical, I have helped many people to find inner peace and harmony in this crazy world.

I am a Reiki and Seichem Master Teacher (Reiki and Seichem Association Registered), and have worked with Patrick Zeigler (the founder of Seichem). I am an advanced student of Dr Joe Dispenza, and have trained with Dr David Hamilton, and Dr Lori Leyden. I am also trained in PSYCH-K® and EFT, and combine science with intuition and spirituality to create my own style of working with people who are ready to heal and thrive.

I truly walk my talk and fully embrace my human-ness.  I have completely transformed my own life and healed in so many ways. I get to choose how I spend my life, and do so confidently, feeling ‘free to be me’, as I live my purpose.  I no longer keep myself small. I create and sustain habits that ensure each and every day, I am becoming more of my authentic self. I’m exactly who I’m meant to be.



My Story



The foundation for all I do is my deep love for humanity and human potential. I have worked with children, adults, families, teachers, childminders and other professionals in both the education and holistic wellbeing field for a long time now. Even before my holistic skills became my profession, the passion for enabling children and adults to feel capable, resilient, loved, valued and secure shone through in my work. Children need these qualities to be able to thrive – and so do adults!

Unfortunately, along the path of life, we pick up habits, expectations, trauma and beliefs that can cause us damage emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

My own life experiences have given me so much to work with. And by developing an awareness of myself, the mind-body connection, and various healing modalities, I am not only surviving, but I am also thriving!

I have lived through heartache, chronic illness, cancer, depression, anxiety and other stuff that touches many of our lives. Yet, I’ve turned my life around, am no longer chronically ill, and continue to do this ‘work’ every day. I am in constant awe and wonder at the capabilities we have as human beings. Life feels magical, and I finally feel free.

My background is in working with children, adults and families. I developed a deep curiosity for how we learn, what shapes us, what motivates us, and how we manage to hold onto happiness as we move through life. I was fascinated by how it was that only some people seemed wired to thrive. How did our Early Years impact on our lives? Is our purpose really just to be born, struggle for years, then die? Are we really only machines and data processors with a determined destiny, subject to ‘luck’ and inertia, or can we influence the way our lives go?

You can listen to a podcast recorded late 2020 with Samantha on “Everyday Inspirations” here

Work with me. I want to help YOU reclaim YOUR power. 


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