I simply can’t muster the energy to do anything to celebrate it this year. I’m struggling, I admit.

I know for sure there are AMAZING women out there, but I also feel like it’s just another bullshit day, like world crayon day or whatever.

I don’t believe in just paying lip service, so here’s my thoughts, feel free to scroll on by (as with anything you read on social media or online that doesn’t interest you, or that steals your peace).

The theme for this year is ‘Choose to Challenge’. “A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. So let’s all choose to challenge.” NO, I’m tired of being a strong woman and challenging stuff. It’s bloody exhausting, especially when those who exert force upon people have zero intention of listening.

I get it, I really do. There is tons of injustice and so much to complain about, but I’m simply beyond ‘challenging’ today. It’s a great concept, and any other year, I celebrate it. Today though, I’m too weary to challenge, I don’t see much change happening when I put my hand up and try and be heard. Instead, I’ll focus on just trying to not be a shitty human, and to show up as the warrior woman I choose to be, and simply trust that people will be inspired by seeing change in action, rather than complaining about the atrocities of days gone by.

Personally, I believe that there are enough challenges as it is, and ‘choosing to challenge’ isn’t working in the world at the minute. Don’t even get me started on corruption and censorship. As you can tell, I’m not in the mood 😉

We have pointed out inequality in gender, skin colour, and physical abilities for too long. We have focused on differences and I’m just bloody sick of whinging about it.  We are all infinite souls, choosing to experience life as a human at this point in time, for whatever reason (I personally have wanted to review this many times – what the heck would anyone want to sign up for this shit for? haha!).  The flesh suit we currently occupy is just that – skin and bone. The postcode we are born into, the state of wealth, health, colour of skin or what bits we have where should not determine the opportunities we have in life. More on this later…

A challenged world needs change, understanding and unity, not more challenge. Division has been created, and continues to be pushed as an agenda and diversion from what’s actually going on.  As humanity turns to shit, we are constantly distracted from the root cause, and media points our attention to pathetic causes for us to argue over.

On this very day, International Womens Day 2021, I have so far heard of nothing but contempt for ‘strong women’.

  • A woman speaking out and having the courage to share her vulnerability being called a liar for saying she contemplated ending their life.
  • Strong women with integrity standing up for themselves, for children, and for humanity being effectively told to sit down, shut up, and do as they’re told.
  • Women (and men) being called selfish and irresponsible if they choose to trust their own mind, immune system, and research, and being bullied into damaging their health ‘for the sake of others’.

No, this world does NOT need more challenges.

Humanity doesn’t need more challenge, division, conflict or competition.

Humanity desperately needs to wake the f*~k up and celebrate what makes us human. We ALL have an innate drive for compassion, empathy, love, kindness and co-operation. Why are we surrendering all that makes us great?

Humanity needs to look at HIS-Story, and rewrite it. We have all been deceived with lies for millennia, our potential supressed.  We have been controlled, divided, and well and truly played.

Every human has feminine and masculine qualities. Nurturing, growth, strength, power, fierceness, relationships, flow, soft-ness and community are all words I personally associate with feminine energy.  THAT is what the world needs now. For mankind to embrace the feminine, to nurture our minds, bodies and souls.

There is a difference between power and force.

I am completely on board with celebrating women and empowering them. I am all for equal access to opportunity, in every respect.

True strength, in my opinion, lies with knowing your worth, standing unwavering in your truth. That is POWER.

‘Challenging’, finding new things to argue about and divide us, and constantly drawing attention to all that is wrong is the world feels futile. It’s like FORCING people to try and see what you see. FORCE is different to POWER.

Power holds feminine qualities, it’s inspirational and based in love.

Force is masculine, it’s fear based, steeped in ‘pride’ and asserting authority.

Man or woman, empowered people are empowered because they have dared to look beyond what is presented to them, learn something new, try, get knocked down, and try again.  They get up, they dust themselves off, and they strive for more. They shed the layers of conditioning, and they take steps to move forward. Empowered people are motivated to create a better world, for themselves, and for others.

It’s time to stop challenging, and to start creating.

Yes, we can celebrate how far we’ve come, and we can celebrate each other.

And I have no doubt that I could be interpreting what is meant by ‘the challenge’. Maybe I’m just in a huff with humanity, and tomorrow I will wake up and read this all over again and feel differently. Today though, when strong women are being vilified, when empathy, nurturing, compassion, unity, growth, awareness and all those other fantastic feminine qualities are no longer revered, I’m out.

‘International womens day’, pfft.

I’m going for intergalactic womens day.  Keep your bitchiness, the tearing each other down, the criticising and ‘owt for an easy life’.  This woman is transcending humanity’s current ‘respect for women’ cry and embracing the feminine of the divine. I’m going for love, unity, growth and nurturing. I’m gonna just BE it.

Warrior women, an upgraded, powerful species we are co-creating, where the focus is not on what we have been, or how we have been treat. The past is gone. The future is all that matters, for the babies we gave birth to, and the future of the mother of us all, Mother Earth.

Back to that flesh suit.. we are infinite, divine, loving souls.

We are all one.

We are love.

We are blessed to be human, with unlimited potential, self-healing bodies, and empowered, creative minds.

When humanity is sticking its fingers in it’s ears, focussed on separation and arguing, and staring blindly into the TV to be told what to think next, I say don’t choose to challenge. Choose to CHANGE.

Thanks for listening to a woman whinge,

Love always,

Kaz xx