Kindness is contagious. But so is anxiety and fear!

With the mass consciousness on Earth at this time being in huge fear about our survival, in terms of our health, wealth and sense of safety and security, I want to share my thoughts.

This may not resonate with you, disregard as you wish, but I am writing from the heart. At the time of writing, we are experiencing global breakdown, hysteria, and illness (physical and mental) which is largely focused on the spread of a virus.

A virus, as we know, is contagious – meaning it spreads from person to person. It can live on people and objects, and travel through the air.

I originally wrote this piece to remind you that energy, frequency and vibration work in much the same way.

We are ALL intuitive beings, and ‘pick’ up on stuff all the time. Have you ever walked into your home to see your partner from behind, perhaps chopping vegetables in the kitchen preparing for tea? You haven’t yet spoken, you haven’t seen their face or picked up on their body language, yet you can actually ‘feel’ that something is wrong?

We are physical, emotional, intellectual, sensual, and spiritual beings, blessed to be here in our’ bodies’, living on this beautiful planet, connected by our human-ness. Our humanity and humility define us.

When I see, feel, and sense what’s happening now, two things that spring to mind are the mirror neuron system (MNS), and the human electro-magnetic field (EMF).

The Mirror Neuron System is a network of cells in your brain that imitate what they see. At its most basic level, it’s what makes us do that thing of opening our mouths wide, and we feed babies. We copy what we see. We see something, and we respond automatically by doing the same thing. Our facial muscles automatically move to imitate. How we move ourselves impacts the chemicals and emotions we feel, and a whole downward spiral can start.

Have you ever noticed that emotions are contagious? “Emotional contagion” is when we carry emotions and spread them throughout the day. This works with both positive emotions and negative emotions. How many of you have friends or family that you have to ‘build up’ to seeing, because they drain your energy? They moan and frown, and you find yourself following suit. Or you have upbeat, uplifting, happy friends who always leave you feeling amazing and full of the joys?

Simply becoming aware of this, and knowing that you’re ‘catching’ it means you can choose to block those signals in your brain, and retain your own mind and mood. One of my mentors, Dr David Hamilton, has a blog about doing this by being ‘super silly’, (moving/massaging the supercilli muscle between your eyes) and scrunching and moving your face. It sounds daft, but it works! You can read the article here.

For now, I will get back to the point I am trying to make.  Emotions are contagious, which is why they say kindness is contagious.


When you observe an act of kindness, it makes you feel kinder, and you go on and be kind to others.

So, emotions are contagious. Fear is an emotion too. It’s a valid emotion, and it’s also one that resonates more than love with many people. Fear is about survival. Fear around our health, loved ones and survival creates anxiousness. Anxiousness becomes emotionally contagious, and we catch it, or it amplifies our existing anxiety.

We can see people stock buying toilet roll, hand wash and pasta, and fear kicks in. “Hang on – someone is panicking! DANGER! What do they know that I don’t? I’m not safe! My family isn’t safe!” The mirror neurons kick in, and before you know it, you’re panicking too. This hasn’t even been a conscious process. No logistical reasoning has happened in your mind, you’ve gone straight to the amygdala in the brain, and your survival response has kicked in. Fight, flight or freeze? Flight or freeze won’t save you – you will be ‘left behind’, so better get your fight on! This leads to even more feeling of lack and fear. It’s a vicious cycle.

STOP! Be aware of those emotions, and return your awareness to your heart, slow your breathing, and consider what is really going on. How can you thrive, and not simply survive? How can we all work together? What’s REALLY going on?

This leads us to my second point on contagiousness. We all have thoughts and feelings. Those thoughts and feelings create our state of being. Our thoughts are electric (mind), and our feelings are magnetic (heart). How you think and how you feel create your ‘state’, which generates the electro-magnetic field around your body. That comes from the heart, and can reach up to 3 meters in diameter around your physical body. It determines the frequency at which you are vibrating. So, we can exude an electro-magnetic field of love, trust, joy, freedom, or lack, fear, shame, guilt etc. You naturally detect this energy from others, and it can become part of your energy too, if you let it.

Now, say you have seen, heard, and felt the fear and anxiety from people, and you start to panic. The stress hormones create chemicals and send signals to your body which generates a feeling. Those feelings then remind you of times when you’ve felt in fear, which in turn creates more fearful thinking, more stress chemicals, and so the cycle continues and expands. Now, as you have triggered the fight, flight or freeze response, all of the available energy you have is focused on survival. You’re living in stress, chaos and disharmony. Your energy is being diverted away from your creative state and into heightened awareness. You focus on what triggered that, and look for more ways to reaffirm that fear. You start looking for more evidence to support your fear, and more ways to alleviate it and ‘protect’ yourself at the same time. That disharmony in your physical body and mind leads to things not working properly, including your innate protection system.

You start to watch the news more, google more ‘information’, panic buy, and focus your attention any way you can on finding more ‘evidence’ to feed your ever-growing fear monster.

All the while, you are weakening your immune system. You are creating more and more stress hormones and chemicals, and never going into a state of rest and repair!

This mass fear consciousness is amplified with the current spike in the Schumann’s resonance (Earth’s own electro-magnetic frequency), meaning that many have experienced heightened anxiety, migraines, insomnia and just a general feeling of unease over recent times.

In basic terms, all of this means that our balance and rational thinking is all knocked to pot.

Now, your body is magnificent. It has absolutely everything it needs within it to protect itself, and to heal and repair. We need to move out of the state of fear, lack and survival, and back into our hearts. We need to re-align with love, abundance and growth. So, how do we do that?


Actually breathing properly, becoming aware of your breath and noticing its qualities.

Are you breathing fully?

Can you slow your breath right down?

Do you need some fresh air?

Is your environment clean and fresh, or is it stale and stagnant?

Get your breath, and the air around you flowing and clear.


The point of meditation is to get past your analytical mind. Past those thoughts and judgements, and to settle in your truth.