We have all been thinking about how to make the coming year different from the last. I know this past year has made us feel powerless. But you will always have your own power. Here’s a 2021 game changer – always ask yourself – is this disempowering or empowering?

When listening to anyone or anything, consider, “does this empower me? Does it give me the tools to be able to affect real change in my own life, in my health and wellbeing?”

You are NOT a victim.

YOU are a creator.

You are a sovereign being, more powerful than you know.

Your body is amazing.

Your mind is magic.

You are capable of great things, an achieving great health.

You are worthy.

You are intelligent.

You are loved.

Love to you all, 2020 has been good preparation for whatever 2021 brings.

Let’s bring life, love and unity into this year and all years to come? Love, Kaz xx